Friday, July 1, 2011

University Library Now Entirely Online

CINCINNATI, OH – As part of its ongoing effort to provide the best educational opportunities for its students, Union Institute & University (UI&U) today announced that is has transitioned to a state-of-the-art, entirely online library and an enhanced library website for Union students, alumni, and faculty. The new library will focus on enhancing its comprehensive library research collections and increasing its access to a wide range of online databases, electronic books, journal articles, dissertations, and other web-based media.

“Having access, at all times, to a library with a vast collection, is imperative to our students’ success. The transition of our library services to a source that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere significantly strengthens the academic support Union provides its students,” says Union’s provost, Dr. Rich Hansen. “Our library has always been an essential part of the university academic offerings, and with the transition complete, the services the library provides will only grow stronger.”

For the transition, Director of the Union Institute & University Library, Matthew Pappathan, and his team that includes Union librarians Susan Whitehead and Lynda Howell, examined syllabi and interviewed faculty, and then purchased e-books and databases in line with the needs of each of Union’s programs –tripling the library’s e-book collection. Today, the library houses more than 70,000 e-books, as well as millions of full text articles, dissertations, and other media including video.

The Union Institute & University Library is accessed through a newly redesigned website, developed by Director of Web Communications Mark Stevens and his team ( . The library and web communications teams spent 10 months collaborating on the project. In addition to improving research assistance for students, the teams focused on streamlining the site’s navigation structure and enhancing search capabilities within the library’s vast directory of research databases, as well as augmenting its ‘Ask a Librarian’ features to assist students, faculty, and alumni.

The new online library replaces what was the Gary Library, housed on the Montpelier campus that now belongs to the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Union’s library staff has moved their offices to the Stone Science building joining Union’s Montpelier-based staff and faculty.

For more information visit: or contact Nicole Hamilton, public relations manager, at 513-487-1194 or

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