Monday, March 22, 2010

UI&U Announces Tuition Increase for 2010-2011 Academic Year

Increase is well below the national average; UI&U remains committed to making higher education possible for every adult learner

CINCINNATI, OH – Union Institute & University (UI&U), a private, non-profit university headquartered in Walnut Hills today announced a one percent increase in tuition for the 2011 academic year that runs from July 2010 through June 30, 2011. The one percent increase is well below national average. According to the Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid, ( the average college inflation rate is 7% or 8% per year for the next ten years. (

Union’s provost, deans, enrollment managers, and financial administrators worked alongside UI&U trustees to examine options and to prepare a budget that would implement the smallest possible increase in tuition and fees. They considered a variety of factors, including information from the College Board and other national trends that lead to increases including the cost of energy, insurance, information technology, and library materials.

“Union Institute & University pledges to continue to offer the highest quality educational programs, and to make every attempt to control expenditures in order to serve the greatest number of persons who can benefit from our method of education,” said UI&U President Roger H. Sublett.

In its ongoing effort to make higher education possible for all adult learners, UI&U increased available scholarship dollars university-wide by more than $400,000 this year and to offset the small tuition increase, the university is engaged in efforts to find more scholarship opportunities for its learners. Recently, UI&U recently secured a $50,000 grant for female learners in Cincinnati through the Kellogg Foundation.

The university is also working out tuition offsets for those transferring from schools with which it has articulation agreements and has expanded library databases and services. This spring, UI&U will convert to a greatly improved student database system that provides learners 24/7 access to account and academic records. In addition, UI&U increased the availability of online courses and options, replaced much travel with audio and video conferencing, and, by changing the academic calendars, has been able to increase federal financial aid (loans and grants) available for several programs.

“We remain true to this goal and also remain committed to our cornerstones of inclusiveness and outreach to underserved populations that have been a part of our legacy and imperative components for our vision for the future,” said Dr. Sublett.

For more information, including detailed tuition and fees for each program, please visit or contact Nicole Hamilton, public relations manager at 513-487-1194.

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