Tuesday, September 22, 2009

UI&U's Sacramento Center Relocates

SACRAMENTO, CA – Drivers in Sacramento are about to become more familiar with Union Institute & University. On October 1, Union Institute & University’s (UI&U) Sacramento Center will begin operating from their new center location at 160 Promenade Circle, Ste #115, in Sacramento. The new location will be marked by lighted signage visible to drivers traveling Interstate 80 to Reno and San Francisco. In addition, from September 21 through October 18,
the Center will be featured on 40 Clear Channel billboards located throughout the Sacramento area.

The move from the Center’s current location, at 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive to the new location in the Sacramento Gateway Shopping Center, was driven by the need to accommodate the Sacramento Center’s steady growth in enrollment and demand for more on-site courses. The Center recently started new a BS program in emergency services management (ESM) and will start on-site courses for the program in the new beginning October 30.

“We’re experiencing a strong growth in enrollment now. Perhaps in part because of the economic situation, we are seeing that more and more adults want to return to college to complete their degrees for greater job security and to advance in their fields,” said Dr. James Rocheleau, dean of the California Centers. Dr. Rocheleau hopes the billboards that feature the tagline, “It Pays to Go Back” will encourage adults to return to school.

Union Institute & University is non-profit, private university headquartered in Cincinnati that offers a different approach to adult education featuring flexible, individualized, and socially relevant undergraduate and graduate degrees, online or through brief residencies. In addition to the Sacramento location, UI&U also has centers in Brattleboro and Montpelier, Vt., Miami, and Los Angeles. The Sacramento Center, however, offers some of the university’s most successful programs. The Center’s criminal justice management program, in particular, accommodates law enforcement officers from across Northern California.

To learn more about UI&U’s Sacramento Center visit: http://www.myunion.edu/about/locations/sacramento/index.html, or contact the Sacramento Center at 800.486.7049.


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