Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Union Institute & University to Welcome Nationally Recognized Scholars for Nine-Day Ph.D. Residency

Program includes keynote speaker Dr. Ed O’Neil, Dr. Richard Cuoto and Peter Block, and visits to Cincinnati museums

CINCINNATI – Downtown Cincinnati will be home to more than fifty scholars from across the country when they converge at the Garfield Suites January 4-12 to take part in Union Institute & University’s (UI&U) residency for cohort Ph.D.s in interdisciplinary studies. The residency will feature keynote speaker Dr. Ed O’Neil, a pioneer in international healthcare and author of the book, Hippocrates Revisited, as well as presentations by community consultants Peter Block and Dr. Richard Cuoto.

UI&U’s Ph.D. in interdisciplinary studies is one of the most innovative among other doctorate programs in the county. The learners come together as members of cohorts that are formed based on the program’s three areas of concentration; ethical and creative leadership, public policy and social issues, and humanities and society.

“The program is adult centered – collegial but not professor/student centered,” said Judith Bryant, a Detroit-based organizational consultant and Ph.D. candidate. “The residencies are a way for me to connect, and are a great source of inspiration.”

True to UI&U’s “classrooms without walls” approach to higher education, the residency will utilize the Cincinnati community as a learning tool. Every term, learners visit Cincinnati museums, as part of their residency. This term, groups – or cohorts - will return to the Freedom Center, while others will visit the Contemporary Arts Center. Cohorts will return to Garfield Suites after their visit, to share their experiences in a discussion.

“We are proud that these (UI&U) doctoral candidates will have the opportunity to visit the Freedom Center during their residency in Cincinnati and hope that they are inspired by the past struggles for freedom so that they can act as agents to help eliminate modern day slavery,” said Donald Murphy, CEO of the Freedom Center.

Keynote speaker Dr. Ed O’Neil will talk about his work in international healthcare at 6 pm, Wednesday, January 9, at the Garfield Suites Hotel at 2 Garfield Place, Downtown. The talk is free and open to the public. Dr. O’Neil is the author of Awakening Hippocrates: A Primer on Health, Poverty, and Global Service, and A Practical Guide to Global Health Service. He is the founder the non-profit organization Omni-Med, ( which focuses on health volunteerism and ethical leadership. To date, over 120 physicians have gone abroad through Omni Med’s innovative, cooperatively designed programs in Belize, Guyana, and Kenya.

Contact: Jonathan Eskridge, academic residency advisor, 513-487-1199 or

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